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The Art and History Documentation Lab (head: Prof Loredana Olivato) of the Department of History, Art, Archaelogy and Geography has a rich collection of iconic material that constitutes an important supplement to the study and teaching of art history.
A result of acquisitions and later donations, the library holds more than 20,000 dispositives (in colour or black and white) dedicated to medieval and modern art history, history of architecture, museums and museum design. Numerous Italian and foreign artists from the 12th to the 19th centuries are covered, whose images are largely classified in alphabetical order by artist.
The laboratory also includes a collection of iconography on microfiches that can only otherwise be seen in London or Florence. The collection is made up of about 2 million reproductions taken from the works of about 70,000 Italian and foreign artists (in black and white), divided by artist and school. It provides a large number of images that are often difficult to find (for example from private collections, auction house catalgues and directories of now lost materials) which, due to their organic nature, allow us to make stylistic and iconographic comparisons that would otherwise be more complicated and expensive to carry out.

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E' consultabile tutto il materiale della diafanoteca e della Witt Library.

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