Bachelor’s degrees (no longer running)

Courses not currently running

Degree in Arts and HUmanities Course not running
The Arts and Humanities degree course sets out to prepare students by teaching them and making them critically aware of the cultural products of humanity throughout the various historical ages: the language, literature and other forms of communication, art, history and territory as shaped by man (geography).
Degree in Communication Science: publishing and journalism Course not running
The degree course in Communication Science (publishing and journalism) aims to train students in basic skills and develop specific abilities in the field of communication and the different devices of cultural industry (publishing, new media, public relations, journalism) and in the consumer sector. In particular skills related to new communication and information technology will be worked on as well as the necessary abilities for carrying out communication and public relations activities. To this end, the course intends to provide the necessary skills for drafting work and journalistic tasks, as well as for producing texts for cultural industry (scripts, subjects, story-boards for advertising, video, audiovisual aids). In addition, students will be taught how to use, in both written and oral form, two foreign languages effectively besides Italian.
Degree in Cultural Assets Course not running
The degree course in Cultural Assets aims at supplying a basic training and suitable range of knowledge and skills in the different sectors related to cultural assets (archaeological patrimony, archive-keeping and librarianship; music and entertainment, historical-artistic, landscape and environmental heritage), with the integration of skills concerning the sector's legislation and a written and oral knowledge of at least one European Union language besides Italian. Lastly, the course offers the opportunity to use the main information technology tools for data management and telecommunication.
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