In floro novo. International Conference of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese PhD Students in Classical Studies

  from 2/13/20 to 2/14/20.
In flore novo International Conference is organized by a PhD Programms Network with Italian, Spanish and Portiguse Universities, aiming to improve classical studies and encouraging different research perspectives and methods. The Verona Conference follows the first Conference held in Lsbona and the second one in Baeza, and will be attended by PhD Students coming from the Universities of Almería, Cadice, País Vasco, Lisbona, Bari, San Marino e Verona.
The conference provides short lectures by eanch PhD Students, who will expose a subject related to their dissertation, with a presentation of the tutor and a final discussion. At the end of the Conference a panel discussion will examine the future perspective of the network, in the framework of the classical studies development.


Programme Director
Paolo De Paolis

Culture and Civilisation


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