Master's degree in Linguistics

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Access type
open access
1st Installment
335 euro
2nd and 3rd Installment
To calculate the second and third instalments, please see the student Fees Guide at

How to enroll

Students wishing to enrol must meet specific entry requirements (please see section below). In order to enable the University to verify that you actually meet such requirements
you must register on the Esse3 platform and follow the assessment procedure specifically for Master’s Degree programmes in the Humanities-Economics-Law Area. Within the assessment procedure you will be asked to upload a certificate or self-certification of your university exams and fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

It is possible to start the procedure for the assessment of the entry requirements until 15 October 2018 (no late fee applies in case of enrolment).
The assessment procedure will be open until 7 December 2018 (a late fee will be charged in case of enrolment).

The results of the procedure for the assessment of the entry requirements will be sent to your e-mail address and displayed on the Esse3 platform as follows:
1) "exempt": if the requirements are met, then you can enrol on the Esse3 platform;
2) "in progress": if you have to take an interview or a language proficiency test to be able to enrol;
3) "rejected": enrolment is not possible if the requirements are not met.

Please note: DO NOT proceed with the enrolment procedure on the Esse3 platform if you have already enrolled in a Master’s Degree programme (“Laurea Magistrale”) at the University of Verona. In this case, you should apply for a course transfer, also filling in a form which must be sent to the Enrolment Office.

-> Students holding a foreign degree must send their application for pre-enrolment to the International Relations office by 4 June 2018 (email: ).

Admission Requirements

In order to enrol in the Master’s Degree in Linguistics you will need to meet the following entry requirements:
- at least 60 credits obtained in two or more SSDs (scientific sectors) as listed below;
- of these credits, at least 6 must be in the SSD L-LIN / 01 (Historical and general linguistics).

Literary-Philological Studies (SSD): L-FIL-LET / 02 L-FIL-LET / 04 - L-FIL-LET / 05 - L-FIL-LET / 09 L-FIL-LET / 10 L-FIL-LET / 11 L -FIL-LET / 12 L-FIL-LET / 13 L-FIL-LET / 14 L-FIL-LET / 15
Linguistic Studies (SSD): L-LIN / 01 L-LIN / 02 L-LIN / 03 L-LIN / 04 L-LIN / 05 L-LIN / 06 L-LIN / 07 - L-LIN / 10 L-LIN / 11 L-LIN / 12 L-LIN / 13 L-LIN / 14
Philosophical Studies (SSD): M-FIL / 01 M-FIL / 02 M-FIL / 03 M-FIL / 04 M-FIL / 05 M-FIL / 06 M-FIL / 07 M-FIL / 08
Psychological Studies (SSD): M-PSI / 01 M-PSI / 04 M-PSI / 05
Historical Studies (SSD): SSD M-STO / 01 M-STO / 02 M-STO / 04 M-STO / 05 M-STO / 06 M-STO / 08 M-STO / 09
Sociological Studies (SSD): SPS / 01 SPS / 02 SPS / 04 SPS / 07 SPS / 08
Complementary Studies (Antiquity, Geography, IT), (SSD): L-ANT / 02 L-ANT / 03 M-GGR / 01 INF / 01 L-OR / 04

Personal preparation is generally verified through an interview. The Linguistics Teaching Committee shall decide which procedure to adopt in order to ascertain the individual preparation required for access, ensuring transparency towards the students.
The interview will deal with basic topics of synchronic and diachronic linguistics. The evaluation of the curriculum vitae, ECTS and learning outcomes in the characterizing scientific sectors of the degree programme will follow. The interview may also take place via electronic means.

As an entry requirement a (full) B1 English language proficiency certification is required. Such linguistic competence will be subject to specific assessment at the University Language Centre – CLA - ( before enrolment through assessment tests, unless the student already holds certificates of linguistic proficiency issued by accredited institutions. The validation of the certificates belongs to the competent CLA testing office.

Graduates holding the following degrees will not need to have their initial preparation verified: four-year Single Cycle degree in Literatures (awarded pursuant to the teaching systems prior to Ministerial Decree 509/99), and Bachelor’s Degree L-05 ex D.M. 509/99 or L-10 D.M. 270/04;
Single Cycle Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (awarded pursuant to the teaching systems prior to Ministerial Decree 509/99), and Bachelor's Degree L-11 ex D.M. 509/99 or L-11 D.M. 270/0; Bachelor’s degree L-14 ex D.M. 509/99 or L-20 D.M. 270/04, if obtained with a degree score equal to or greater than 100/110.

For any other type of Degree Programme candidates will have to take an interview, regardless of the grade obtained at the end of their previous academic pathway.

* Wednesday 19 September, 2018;
* Wednesday 31 October, 2018;
* Wednesday 19 December, 2018.

Updated schedule of the interviews: