Computing devices for the journalists (s) (2006/2007)

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Michela Farenzena
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2nd semester dal Feb 19, 2007 al Jun 1, 2007.

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Introduction to computer instruments oriented on journalism. Functioning and use. Analysis on how these instruments influence a journalist’ job.


The growth of internet a san informative instrument ha san impact on the development of other mass communication means. Press publishers have extended their informative services to the web but Internet has different potential, like interactivity and multimedia, which aren’t exploited to their maximum level. The course will analyse characters and challenges of web journalism and i twill also provide the right instruments in order to create multimedia web sites.
1. Ipertext and web: how do we create a web site and an ipertext?.
2. Images: processing.
3. Video: processing and assembly.
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Written test and project