History of Modern Art (p) (2009/2010)

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Bernard Jan Hendrik Aikema
Bernard Jan Hendrik Aikema
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II semestre dal Feb 22, 2010 al Jun 5, 2010.

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The course presents the life and works of Lukas Cranach, key figure of the artistic Renaissance in early sixteenth-century Germany, in a broad historical, cultural and artistic context.


The course intends to introduce Lukas Cranach (1472-1553) in the broad context of German art of the early sixteenth century. Together with his “counterpart” Albrecht Dürer, Lukas Cranach was the absolute protagonist of the artistic culture of the Renaissance in Germany, which was marked by the reception of classicizing ideas of Italian origins, on the one hand, and the protestant, lutheran reform on the other. In the course, we will follow the artist in the various stations of his life, from Vienna to Wittenberg, to Augsburg, and finally to Weimar, and in his relations with the great figures of his times, such as Frederick the Wise of Saxony, the Cardinal of Brandenburg, and Martin Luther.

Frontal lectures and some seminar sessions

Frontal lectures with images, seminar sessions, possibly one or two field trips

NB: A basic knowledge of English is necessary

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written exam