Theory and Techniques of Multimedia Journalism (p) (2014/2015)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Paolo Dal Ben
Paolo Dal Ben
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Semestrino IIA, Semestrino IIB

Lesson timetable

Semestrino IIA
Day Time Type Place Note
Wednesday 8:30 AM - 11:50 AM lesson Lecture Hall 1.1  

Learning outcomes

New Journalism is fast becoming an important area of study not only for professional journalists but for all communication environments - public to private, academic to corporate. We will examine what constitutes new journalism, fundamental theories and practical form. We analyse how - troughout history and different media, from papers to television, from words to pictures - tecnique of printing, publishing, writing and communicate changed and is changing old media - newspapers, magazines, radio and television.


This course will examine new journalism from both theoretical and "practical" perspectives with one complementing the other. Our model will include some exemples of journalism on line in Italy and Usa: we compare them and principles.
Our goals are to be able to analyze and produce online articles on line or off line, both of them as conseguences of new media. Ultimately students will:

1. Achieve a strong understanding of issues in journalism.
2. Be able to use new media in order to better produce articles and features: search in Internet, contact sources and checking information.
3. Be able to write about any subject matter, as articles to publish on line.

Methodology of course: Front lesson and discussion.

Rquired reading: P. Dal Ben, Identità e nuovi media, 2008, Pazzini Editore
Topics and contents of lessons:

Assessment methods and criteria

Since much of your learning will emerge from your participation in class, your interaction with fellow students and your insights from the readings, participation will count for a large percentage of your grade. Regular attendance is also expected. Students are going to not attende must arrange a different requirements exam. Exam will consist in one multimedia journalism product which students have to product at home and to discuss it orally.