Sociology of Mass Communication (p) (2017/2018)

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Lorenzo Migliorati
Lorenzo Migliorati
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First half of Semester 2 dal Feb 26, 2018 al Apr 21, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

The theoretical course will be divided in two parts. First lessons will be focused on key concepts analysis related to communication sociology, taken from Paccagnella textbook's programme. Afterwards, the course will point out new concept of "mass", evolved as a result of digital mediality that takes over our everyday life, and influences our behaviors. In particular way, the phenomenon of "consumer display", developed by Codeluppi, will be analyzed, as much as some "social" practices regarding the standardization will be processed.


The course's main purposes are to go through communication and mass culture theoretical techniques according to the sociological perspective. Also, starting off from the main communication sociology theories, with particular focus on mass communication, the evolution of today's "mass" meaning will be studied, taking a better look on behaviors that mass society everyday brings to approach. In particular way, the concept of "consumer display" will be explained, since it has in itself several social phenomena full of significance, relevant for the construction of virtual own identity (taking selfies and post them, worship an influencer's ideologies and way of dressing, ecc.). The self "spectacularization" is something that, according to Codeluppi, involves putting themselves, together with their own emotions, visible for the others. Social networks have become our new digital "storefronts" in which everyone seeks for their own visibility and emphasize every aspect of their own life.

On the basis of rep. n. 1758/2017, Prot. n. 303921 del 02/11/2017, lessons will be given by Mrs. Ilenia Girgenti, whom can be contacted by students at this following e-mail address: Mr. Lorenzo Migliorati is the course's coordinator and can be contacted through institution communication channels.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Codeluppi Vanni Mi metto in vetrina. Selfie, Facebook, Apple, Hello Kitty, Renzi e altre vetrinizzazioni Mimesis 2015 8857530507
Paccagnella Luciano Sociologia della comunicazione Il Mulino 2004 9788815138422

Assessment methods and criteria

By the end of the course, students will have to draft a paper work filled up of 3000 words ish (to be brought in by e-mail one week before examination date) in which they will expose their personal view about the virtual personal identity's construction, made possible though social network usage. In particular way, students will have to investigate on main social phenomena explained throughout the course's lectures and underline all the real or fictitious potentialities, taking into notes Codeluppi's assumptions, applied to today's context, which is ruled by specific consumerism trends, social practices, Influencer's style rules, together with V.I.P and Fashion Bloggers. In addition to this, students will be required to answer to some questions related to the books.