Laboratory of italian writing (2018/2019)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Sonia Trovato
Sonia Trovato
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
NN - -
Language of instruction
Sem. 2A, Sem. 2B

Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is the acquisition of knowledge and skills aimed at drafting papers in Italian.


Starting from the analysis of some basic elements of narratology and some of the most significant ideas of literature, the course intends to initiate a reflection on the rudiments of the "craft of writing" and the specular "craft of reading". In the second part, the main text typologies will be deepened and codified: the narrative text, the newspaper article (news, review, interview, inquiry, etc.), digital writing, the short essay, the degree thesis. Practical exercises are planned.

Attending students will be given material in class, which will then be made available in the lecture in the section notices to non-attending students. Non-attending students unable to find course notes can consult the following texts:

1) Hermann Grosser, Narrativa, Milano, Principato, 1985.
2) Stefano Baldolini, Scrivere un articolo, Roma, Audino, 2008.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam divided into two parts: one of assessment of the theoretical knowledge acquired and one of textual production.