Italian literature (p) (2019/2020)

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Fabio Danelon
Fabio Danelon
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Sem 1A, Sem 1B

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Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to learn the historical path of Italian literature, especially from the seventeenth century to the Unification of Italy, with special regard to texts and contexts, influences and codifications. It also intends to provide information on the critical bibliography and on the essential tools for the interpretation of structures and literary forms.
The course aims to develop, through targeted methodological approaches, adequate analytical and argumentative skills in reading the literary texts of the Italian tradition, especially from the seventeenth century to the unification of Italy."


Prerequisites: Complete knowledge of the former Italian literary tradition (from the beginning to the Sixteenth Century) is required; before taking Letteratura Italiana Exam (p), students must have passed the Letteratura Italiana exam (i) for 12 cfu.

Course content: For the introductory part: presentation of the main movements and authors of the Italian literary tradition from Seventeenth Century to Italian Unification (1861) making reference to exemplary texts.

The second part of the course will be dedicate to: Vittorio Alfieri tragedy. Analysis of Saul, Antigone, Mirra.

Reference Texts: For the introductory part: Gino Tellini, Letteratura italiana. Un metodo di studio, Firenze, Le Monnier Università, (the section: Dalla Nuova Scienza all’epica risorgimentale). Students will complete this study with a selection of the main authors of our literary tradition from Seventeenth Century to Italian Unification (available in e-learning platform). Worktexts will be suggested during the lectures.
Non attending students will demonstrate to be able to analyze:
G.B. Marino: a passage from Adone;
G. Galilei: a passage from Saggiatore or Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo;
C. Goldoni: choise of one act of any comedy play;
G. Parini: one ode and one passage from Il Giorno;
V. Alfieri: one act of Mirra and one passage from Vita;
U. Foscolo: two sonnets and one section of Dei Sepolcri;
G. Leopardi: three cantos and one choise from Operette morali;
A. Manzoni: one poem and one passage from I Promessi Sposi;
A written list of the students choises must be shown during the exam.

The students, attending and not attending, who had not entered any exam of "Modern and contemporary Italian literature" (L-FIL-LET / 11) in their study plan have the possibility (NOT the obligation) to integrate the program of exam with Gino Tellini, Letteratura italiana. Un metodo di studio, Firenze, Le Monnier University, pp. 337-589. This additional information will be communicated to the teacher at the time of the exam.

For the second part of the exam:
Complete reading of Vittorio Alfieri, "Saul", "Antigone", "Mirra". It is suggested the edition: Vittorio Alfieri, Tragedie, a cura di Bruno Maier, Milano Garzanti.
One of the following texts (two for non attending students):
Gabriella Fenocchio, Alfieri, Bologna, il Mulino, 2012;
Giacomo Debenedetti, Vocazione di Vittorio Alfieri, Milano, Garzanti, 1995;
Arnaldo Di Benedetto-Vincenza Perdichizzi, Alfieri, Roma, Salerno editrice, 2014;
Vincenza Perdichizzi, Lingua e stile nelle tragedie di Vittorio Alfieri, Pisa, ETS, 2009;
Alfieri tragico, a cura di Enrico Ghidetti e Roberta Turchi, numero monografico della «Rassegna della Letteratura italiana», 107, s. IX, 2, luglio-dicembre 2003.

Teaching methods: Lectures and reading and text interpretation exercises. Seminars and papers. The teaching materials proposed are consistent with the exam program.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Arnaldo Di Benedetto- Vincenza Perdichizzi Alfieri Salerno editrice 2014
Gabriella Fenocchio Alfieri il Mulino 2012
Enrico Ghidetti- Roberta Turchi (cur.) Alfieri tragico Le lettere 2003 numero monografico della «Rassegna della Letteratura italiana», 107, s. IX, 2, luglio-dicembre 2003
Vincenza Perdichizzi Lingua e stile nelle tragedie di Vittorio Alfieri ETS 2009
Vittorio Alfieri Tragedie Garzanti 2015 a cura di Bruno Maier
Giacomo Debenedetti Vocazione di Vittorio Alfieri Garzanti 1995

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral assessment of the acquired knowledge, in relation to each of the two parts in which the program is distinct, both for attending students and non-attending students. In particular for the first part: 1) Verification of historical-literary knowledge and relative ability to contextualise; 2) Verification of the ability to understand and analyze the different types of literary texts through the detailed examination of texts in verse and prose. In particular for the second part: 1) Verification of the ability to contextualise and critical analysis of texts, also with reference to the main methods of investigation; 2) Verification of the knowledge of the reference critical bibliography and of the ability to use it in reference to the texts analyzed.

Due to the Coronavirus emergency and in accordance with the indications given by the University of Verona, during ​the 2020 summer session the examination modality is modified like ​as follows: oral exam with telematic modality.