General sociology and sociology of cultural processes (2020/2021)

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Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to provide to students a critical knowledge in the following topics: 1. the concept of culture and its components from a sociological point of view, then in relation to the social world; 2. the main characteristics of the cultural processes in contemporary glocal societies; 3. the theme of identity in relation to social changes between traditional, modern and post-modern society; 4. the main theories on communication studies; 5. the theme of journalism and objectivity, especially on American journalism. Expected skills At the end of the course, the student have to demonstrate: 1. to use the concept of culture as defined in the various interpretations; 2. to know the mean of "cultural process" in relation to post-modern societies, with particular reference to complex western societies; 3. to know how to evaluate the links between knowledge, culture, identity and communication as processes, both in the individual and in the collective dimension, also through an approach that recognizes the determinant of diversity as constituency of everyday life; 4. to know different sociological theories on communication studies; 5. to know the fundamental stages of American journalism.