Chiara Mazzi

Foto,  January 7, 2020
Temporary Professor
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Istituti Biologici Blocco A - Biblioteca Meneghetti,  Floor 2,  Room 2.17A
+39 045 802 7650
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Service note
Assegno di ricerca: “Ruolo della corteccia parietale posteriore nella consapevolezza visiva" - Responsabile scientifico: dott.ssa Silvia Savazzi
Competenze: Neuropsicologia
Area di ricerca- Neurosciences


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Course Name Total credits Online Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
Master's degree in Linguistics Statistics for the humanities (2019/2020)   6   
Master's degree in Linguistics Statistics for the humanities (2018/2019)   6  eLearning


Research groups

Perioperative Neurophysiology in Neurosurgery
The research group aims to develop new protocols to identify and maintain neurological functions, in particular with regards to the motor and visual systems. This will be obtained through transcranial magnetic stimulation studies in healthy subjects or patients, as well as intraoperative monitoring/mapping in neurosurgical patients
Neurocognitive sciences

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Chiara Mazzi
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Collegio Didattico di Linguistics - Department Culture and Civilisation


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