Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology

The area of Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology deals with research and teaching activities in the field of Archaeology, with a focus on wide range periods of time: from Prehistory to Post-Medieval ages. The cited area studies different research aspects from the analysis and the reconstruction of rural and urban landscapes and architectures to the material culture studies. The main research topics are: Methodology of Archaeology, Pre and Protohistory, Classical and Medieval Archaeology, Ancient Topography, Archaeology of Production and Trade, Architecture and Urbanisation, Archaeology of Food. Such studies are carried out through different theoretical approaches and methodologies, also by using new technologies and are applied both to studies in site (archaeological excavations and surveys) to laboratory in depth analyses.
Patrizia Basso
Full Professor
Dario Calomino
Associate Professor
Diana Sergeeva Dobreva
Temporary Assistant Professor
Mara Gioia Migliavacca
Associate Professor
Fabio Saggioro
Full Professor
Research interests
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Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology standard compliant  ERC
Archeologia classica Diana Sergeeva Dobreva
Archeologia classica
Archaeology of productions Diana Sergeeva Dobreva
Landscape Archaeology. Mara Gioia Migliavacca
Description and study of the formation of the landscape using archaeological methods.
Landscape Archaeology Fabio Saggioro
Archaeology of landscape methods and theory
Medieval Archaeology Fabio Saggioro
Archaeology of medieval period
Roman Archaeology Patrizia Basso
Roman architecture, particularly theatres and amphiteatres and their structural and functional transformation as elements of medieval and modern cities (excavations in Roman theatre in Asolo -TV- and Roman amphitheater in Aquileia -UD-; road stations and small settlements (excavations in Montegrotto Terme -PD-;landscape archeology, particularly Roman road and necropolis (excavations in the plane of Verona: via Claudia Augusta and rural funeral area).
Art and Iconography in the Roman Empire Dario Calomino
Study of visual culture inn the Roman Empire through the different forms of artistic expression with a special focus on imperial imagery and portraiture
Chemistry and Archaeology. Mara Gioia Migliavacca
Chemical analyses applied to archaeological finds.
Economy, art and culture of the Roman provinces Dario Calomino
Study of the cities of the Roman world from the late Republic to the 3rd century AD through their coinages
Coinage in Greece and Rome Dario Calomino
Study of coinage as a source for understanding economic, social, political and cultural life in Greece and Rome
Theory and methods of Archaeology. Mara Gioia Migliavacca
Theory and methods used to study the ancient world thanks to archaeological discoveries.
Methodology of archaeological research Diana Sergeeva Dobreva
Fabio Saggioro
Theoretical approaches, methods, fieldwork strategies and techniques of archaeological research.
Proto-history Mara Gioia Migliavacca
Study of artefacts and societies of Bronze and Iron ages.
Gruppi di ricerca
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Rituali antichi: un approccio multidisciplinare. Il Progetto propone un approccio archeologico allo studio dei rituali antichi. Mitraismo, rituali funerari romani e vita monastica medievale saranno studiati sul campo e attraverso analisi di laboratorio (paleobotaniche, archeozoologiche, chimiche) per scoprire alcuni aspetti particolari dei riti (e in particolare che cosa si mangiava e usava durante i rituali e pasti cultuali). An archaeological way to studying religions is proposed. The Roman Mithraism and funerary rituals, and medieval monastic life will be investigated in field campaigns and laboratory analyses in order to discover what they ate and used during rituals and cultic meals.
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
The Roman Imperial Image between Coinage and Sculpture. Reconstruction and Interpretation of Processes for Transmission and Multimedia Diversification into 2D vs. 3D Metropolitan Visual Culture Dario Calomino F.A.R.E. - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 12/15/22 60
RESP - The Roman Emperor Seen from the Provinces. Imaging Roman Power in the Cities of the Empire from Augustus to the Tetrarchs (31 BC - AD 297) Dario Calomino 9/1/21 60
Paesaggi minerari Mara Gioia Migliavacca 11/1/19 6
Oltre il confine Mara Gioia Migliavacca 9/16/19 24
Progetto Agno-Leogra Mara Gioia Migliavacca 7/1/19 24
Alexander's Swat: Toponymy Project Luisa Prandi 3/23/17 60
Ancient rituals. A multidisciplinary approach Attilio Mastrocinque 2/15/16 36


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