The Transmission of Ancient Linguistics: Texts and Contexts of the Roman Grammatical Studies

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January 20, 2020
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De Paolis Paolo
latin philology, critical edition, latin language and literature, classical philology, history of linguistics, latin grammarians

An historical-cultural, philological and codicological investigation of Latin and Latin-Greek texts dealing with grammar, metrics and lexicography that are unpublished or only available in outdated editions, with the aim of producing print editions and a dedicated online portal, articulated as follows: (1) analysis of the forms of transmission of Latin grammars and their manuscript witnesses, and online cataloguing of Mss. of grammatical content produced before the end of the 11th Century; (2) preparation of critical editions, with translation and/or commentary, based on a full and direct exploration of the manuscript tradition and using the most suitable ecdotic methodology for each specific typology of text, with publication in print in the series Collectanea Grammatica Latina (Bibl. Weidmann.) and online open-access publication of critical texts and apparatuses; (3) contributions to in-depth analysis and valorisation of the content, form and terminology of ancient grammatical and metrical doctrine, with particular regard to their influence on the linguistic tought of the Middle Ages and the modern period; (4) a reappraisal of grammatical texts as sources for the knowledge of ‘auctores’ lost in direct tradition, as well as the basis for publications of fragments.

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Paolo De Paolis
Full Professor
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Lingua, letteratura e filologia greca e latina
Classics, ancient literature and art
Storia e civiltà del mondo antico
Philology and palaeography; historical linguistics




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