Integrated project for the study and enhacement of the archaeological heritage

Starting date
July 1, 2008
Duration (months)
Cultures and Civilizations
Managers or local contacts
Mastrocinque Attilio
Archaeological research, Elaboration of archaeological data, Documentation of material remains, Metodologies of restauration, Protection of archaelogical heritage

The specific aims of the common research project concern various aspects of the study of antiquity, in the sectors both of history and archaeology. The researchers will investigate different phases of the Venetian, Italian and Mediterranean areas:
  1. research in the Roman town Grumentum: conclusion of the excavation of some sectors of the town and restoration aimed at preserving the remains;
  2. systematic survey in the territory of Mondragone (CE) and possible beginning of he excavation;
  3. archaeological investigation by means of excavation and study of the material evidence from the urban-rural villa of Villadose (RO);
  4. conclusion of geo-magnetic analysis and survey in the area of the Hittite site of Yassihüyük; study and elaboration of the material evidence; possible beginning of excavation;
  5. study, enhancement and preservation of instrumentum inscriptum from the Venetian area; creation of a data-base open to web fruition.
  • to carry out archaeological research in sites of great historical relevance;
  • to implement advanced methods of analysis;
  • to provide easy-to-use cataloguing and documentation of the material remains;
  • to develop cooperation links for the protection and fruition of the archaeological heritage with different institutions;
  • to strenghten and enlarge scientific and academic cooperation.


Funds: assigned and managed by the department
Funds: assigned and managed by the department

Project participants

Alessandro Guidi
Silvia Marastoni
Attilio Mastrocinque
Simonetta Ponchia
Associate Professor
Massimo Saracino


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