Wilde: the comeback.Oscar Wilde in Italy

Starting date
September 30, 2015
Duration (months)
Cultures and Civilizations
Managers or local contacts
Severi Rita
Oscar Wilde, library, reception, travels, Italy

After translating Oscar Wilde (The Ballad of Reading Goal,Palermo, Novecento, 1998; Il Quinto Vangelo, Palermo, Novecento ), organizing an international conference with exhibition and catalogue of Wilde's first Italian translations (Palermo 1998), after publishing La Biblioteca di Oscar Wilde (Palermo, Novecento, 2005) and the first complete assessment of his afterlife in Italy (2010), there's still a great deal to discover about his reception in Italy. The research project aims at analyzing the impact of Italian culture on Oscar Wilde and of Oscar Wilde on Italian culture. Estimated costs: 8000 euros.


Funds: assigned and managed by the department

Project participants

Title Authors Year
Francesca fin de siècle: Oscar Wilde e Richard le Gallienne. Dal libro al bacio. Severi, Rita 2012
Arthur Symons Translator of Gabriele D'Annunzio's Plays Severi Rita 2011
La poesia A Verona di Oscar Wilde e altri viaggiatori anglofoni nella città scaligera. Severi, Rita 2011
"Astonishing in my Italian": Oscar Wilde's First Italian Editions, 1890-1952 Severi, Rita 2010
Ouida: Wilde's Lionne and The Woman's World Severi, Rita 2009
Oscar Wilde viaggiatore nel paese della bellezza Severi, Rita 2005
La biblioteca di Oscar Wilde Severi, Rita 2004
"Astonishing in my Italian". Oscar Wilde a Capri Severi, Rita 2003
La Vita come Arte. Oscar Wilde, le Arti e l'Italia Severi, Rita 2001
Oscar Wilde & Company Severi, Rita 2001
C. 3. 3 La ballata del carcere di Reading Severi, Rita 1998
Il Santo Narciso. Estetismo e santità nella fin di siècle inglese Severi, Rita 1998
Oscar Wilde. L'anima dell'uomo. Oscar Wilde in Italia R. SEVERI 1998
Oscar Wilde. L'Anima dell'Uomo.Oscar Wilde in Italia Severi, Rita 1998
Il Quinto Vangelo Severi, Rita 1997
Oscar Wilde, la femme fatale and the Salomé myth Severi, Rita 1985


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