PRIN2022 - Work, workplaces and mobility in preindustrial Italy: a gender perspective

Data inizio
28 settembre 2023
Durata (mesi) 
Responsabili (o referenti locali)
Garbellotti Marina

The research project aims to study the dynamics present in the world of work in the pre-industrial age from a gendered perspective, with the goal of analyzing the activities in which women and men, girls and boys were engaged and reconceptualizing some categories central to contemporary analysis, such as productive/reproductive, paid/unpaid, private/public, domestic and care. This project will use the “verb-oriented method”, which was inaugurated by Sheilagh Ogilvie (2003), developed by Maria Ågren, which considers any activity described by a verb thus including those forms of work that are unpaid, illegal, caring and care or simply not indicated by an occupational title. The Verona research unit will focus its investigative activity on two realities, the Republic of Venice and the Prince-bishopric of Trento, examining types of sources, such as dossiers produced by the General Directorate of Police of Venice and criminal trials preserved in the Diocesan Archives of Trent, particularly suitable for the application of the verb - oriented methodology.

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Marina Garbellotti
Professore associato
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Early modern history
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Modern and contemporary history