Graphics and design for the multimedia (s) (2007/2008)

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Antonio Cioffi
Number of ECTS credits allocated
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II semestre dal Feb 18, 2008 al May 31, 2008.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The course aims at knowing the theoretical and practical aspects of multimedia publishing, with particular attention to its visual implant; it also aims at being able to plan and develop - individually or in team and by using different software - a multimedia application that is coherent from a conceptual and also from a video-graphic point of view.


Contents of the course : Multimedia implicates two different but connected aspects that the course will consider: theoretical, in regards to cultural specific quality in new interactive communication technology, and practical, concerning the specific computer characteristics of hardware and software during production. Investigation of the project path to a multimedia product – used online and published offline – issues of visual communication: in fact, image is the main character in every multimedia application. Introduction of specifics techniques in digital graphics; underlining of creativity psychology and divergent thought which is central in products connected to entertainment ( videogames). Multimedia design is conceived as intersection between the expressive needs of the author, the functional needs of the product and the technical characteristics of the medium. Techniques: 2D and 3D image; digital video; Vrml; S.D.K. in videogames; interactive animation; multimedia authoring.

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral test comprehending project and creation of a simple interactive multimedia application (to be given in time for the evaluation), the subject must be agree with the professor and it can be done alone or in team.