PhD in History and Anthropology (last activated in 2013)

Course partially running (all years except the first)


Aim of the doctoral program is the acquisition of the methodological tools and the techniques of enquiry which are required in order to produce high-profile research in the fields of history and anthropology, with particular interest for the social history of the ancient world, of medieval civilization, of the modern period, and of cultural and social anthropology. It is intended as a natural prosecution and further stage of academic development for the main master’s courses within the humanities. Lectures and seminars will be specifically designed for doctoral students, partly in connection with courses taught for master degrees: individual and team research will be conducted in archives and libraries, museums and archaeological sites visited, as well as field research, research travel in Italy and abroad, in connection with the writing of the final dissertation or with the purpose of attending courses at Italian or foreign research institutes. For cycles of lectures and seminars, highly qualified scholars, both Italian and international, will be invited, thus stimulating students on methodological and historiographical issues. Further seminars are organized together with other Italian or international doctorates operating in the same disciplinary fields. The program promotes the development of a cooperation with national and international universities and research centres: such cooperation is regulated by ad hoc agreements, via international programs, the mutual acknowledgment of doctoral qualification, co-tutoring, student and lecturer exchange, third party financing of projects involving national and international partner institutions. With the help of tutors and advisors, the board of lecturers will supervise the implementation of the individual research projects

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Degree type
3 years
Supervisory body
Teaching staff council for the Post graduate Research doctorate in the History of European Society
Segreteria amministrativa del Dipartimento Culture e Civiltà
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