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Research groups

Art in the Verona area in the Middle Ages (11th-15th centuries)
The research team works on the study and knowledge of the Veronese artistic and architectural heritage of the Middle Ages, with particular reference to the centuries from the XI to the end of the Middle Ages.
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
History of medieval art Evaluation and analysis of the arts, in various artistic techniques, elaborated from the Constantinian era to the end of the Gothic period. History of art
History of art and architecture
Title Starting date
Nuove indagini su Michele Giambono 4/1/14
Arte veronese (secoli XII-XV) 1/1/14
Gli ordini mendicanti - valutazioni sugli esordi di un nuovo linguaggio architettonico 10/1/11
Architettura preromanica e romanica del territorio veronese (secoli XI-XII): modelli iconografici, struttura degli alzati e decorazione scultorea 10/1/10
Pittura a Verona e nel suo territorio (IX-XIII secolo) 12/1/09
Pittura romanica a Verona e nel suo territorio 11/1/08


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