Philology and palaeography; historical linguistics

Luca Ciancio
Associate Professor
Federica Formiga
Associate Professor
Gian Paolo Romagnani
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Information library science Federica Formiga
Linguaggi visivi nelle scienze Luca Ciancio
Il significato della raffigurazioni visive nella ricerca e nella comunicazione delle scienze
History of Books and Publishing Federica Formiga
The Research Group in History of Books and Publishing focuses on analyzing, understanding and describing publishing products issued in print and/or in electronic format, whether they are periodical or not, from a material and cultural point of view. The Research Group also studies the processes, industrial or artisanal, that have made and still make public these products, the role of the professionals involved and the social and economic impact of products and of the broader publishing sector as well, during modern and contemporary ages.
Storiografia Gian Paolo Romagnani
Storia della scrittura della storia


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