Philology and palaeography; historical linguistics

Chiara Maria Concina
Associate Professor
Stefano Pagliaroli
Associate Professor
Paolo Pellegrini
Full Professor
Arnaldo Soldani
Full Professor
Alessandra Zangrandi
Associate Professor
Research interests
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Epistolography Alessandra Zangrandi
Edition and interpretation of modern and contemporary epistolary texts
Italian philology and inguistics Paolo Pellegrini
Really italian language and literature. Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio. Classical tradition and Humanism. Medieval and humanistic philology. History of Philology and Linguistics.
Formal features of the works of Petrarch and Petrarchism Arnaldo Soldani
Formal analysis of Petrarch’s vernacular works and their development in Petrarchism between 15th and 16th century (language, style, metrics, forms of the argumentation, organization of the songbooks)
Formal features and narrative languages in the chivalric romance Arnaldo Soldani
Narrative structures and discursive forms of italian chivalric romance, with particular attention to the works of Boiardo, Ariosto, and Tasso.
Functions of voice in lyrical texts Arnaldo Soldani
Functions and position of the authorial voice in the Italian lyrical tradition, from the origins to the modern age, in reference to composition of songbooks and definition of internal temporality.
Lessicografia medievale Antonio De Prisco
Strumenti lessicografici cartacei e digitali per lo studio del latino medievale.
Anglo-Norman Language and Literature Chiara Maria Concina
Study of the Language, Literature and manuscripts of the Anglo-Norman Period (XII-XIV centuries).
Medieval Catalan Language and Literature Chiara Maria Concina
Study Medieval Catalan Literature and Language (giving special attention to the literary works and to their manuscript tradition).
Lingua latina medievale Antonio De Prisco
Latino in uso nella produzione letteraria e documentaria dell'età medievale.
Metrics Alessandra Zangrandi
History of different metrical schemas in Italian literature's authors
Medieval Travel Accounts (Sinica Mediaevalia Europaea) Chiara Maria Concina
Study of Medieval Travel Accounts written in romance languages and of their manuscript traditions (XIII-XV cent.).
'Outremer': Texts and Manuscripts of the Latin East Chiara Maria Concina
Study of the Old French Texts and of the Manuscripts produced in the Crusader States.
Prosody of the Italian verse Arnaldo Soldani
Definition of scansion criteria for the prosody of Italian verses, with particular attention to the hendecasyllable. Digital storage and analysis of rhythmical patterns of the Italian poetic tradition, from the origins to the modern age.
Reception of Boethius's «De consolatione Philosophiae» Chiara Maria Concina
Study of the reception of Boethius's «De consolatione Philosophiae» in the later Middle Ages, with special attention to its Romance translations.
History of italian metrical forms Arnaldo Soldani
Origins and development of metrical forms in the Italian tradition, especially regarding sonnet, canzone, octave, and unrhymed hendecasyllable. Relation between metrical forms and syntactic and argumentative structures.
History of Italian literary Language Alessandra Zangrandi
History of Italian literary Language, reported to modern and contemporary authors
Theory and history of italian metricology Arnaldo Soldani
Study of the Italian metricological reflection, from Dante to our days, in reference to the theoric premises and the descriptive practice about verses and metrical forms.
Translations of the classics from greek into latin in the humanistic age Stefano Pagliaroli
Study of latin translations from the greek in the humanistic age with particular regard to the latin version of Erodoto by Lorenzo Valla
History of Italian poetic language Arnaldo Soldani
Develompment of Italian poetic language as a separate code from the one of prose, and its subsequent dismantling in the modern age.


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