Welcome day - Linguistics

Welcome day - Linguistics

Dear first-year students,

As you have probably seen on our website, class started on the 21st of September: lessons are held in physical presence for the students who can attend, but they are streamed and recorded for the students who cannot be here and are already endowed with the university (so called GIA) credentials.

I am perfectly aware that most of you are not enrolled yet and do not possess GIA credentials: do not worry! All classes will be videorecorded and you’ll find them on the Moodle platform available for each module. In the meanwhile, I would like to provide you with some preliminary information about our program, its organization, the didactic activities we offer: following a tradition we initiated a couple of years ago, we will have an (online) meeting - we call it Welcome Day - aimed at meeting you, providing you with some preliminary information and answering to your questions. In this meeting, you will also get to know your tutors, Beatrice Azzolina and Veronica Girolami.  
As you can see at this page -   http://www.dlls.univr.it/?ent=csint&cs=697&id=42&lang=en  ,   the date/time for the Welcome Day has been set on the 28th of September at 12:00 a.m. (until 1:40 p.m.). The meeting will take place via Zoom, a free software you can easily download from the web: here is the link and password needed to access the meeting.
Please join at:
This is an event specifically organized for you, students of Linguistics. Please, do not miss it! 
While waiting for the event, at this page, you find a list of FAQs concerning the program: 
Information about orientation and tutoring can be found here:

Please, take a look at these pages before the meeting. 

Looking forward to meeting you!

Chiara Melloni, PhD
Associate Professor in General Linguistics
Coordinator of the Master’s Program in Linguistics http://www.dcuci.univr.it/?ent=cs&id=697&lang=en
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Welcome day - Linguistics
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