Cartography laboratory

The Cartography laboratory represents one of the university’s most important technical and academic facilities for researching and teaching in the field of geography. Maps are a form of specialised language, but they are universal and transversal across disciplines (from history to archaeology, from geography to urban studies and from local planning to teaching), as well as a model of reality and a form of power. Each year the laboratory provides theoretical and practical courses on ancient and modern cartography to complement other courses. Its activities include supporting academic research, university and post-university teaching; producing studies, research and services in order to develop innovative knowledge and technology in the fields of cartography, geodesy, applied topography and local information systems; promoting research, conventions and seminars; producing small and large scale maps, themed atlases and geocartographic exhibitions; organising academic events to spread the importance and knowledge of cartographic documentation and tools as a way to interpret territorial reality and plan events; and collecting documentary materials related to Italian and foreign cartography, topography and iconography.

Opening times

In ottemperanza alle normative vigenti per il contenimento dell'emergenza Covid, i laboratori in questo momento rimangono chiusi, si può comunque chiedere appuntamento per consulenze e consultazione mappe via mail a
Lucia Masotti
Sara Scalia
Valerio Terraroli
Direttore Laboratori Integrati


Consultazione e fornitura di materiale cartografico a varia scala, sia nazionale che regionale.
Oltre la consultazione si erogano i seguenti servizi:
- Cartografia di varia impostazione
- Carte tematiche
- Georeferenziazione mappe tramite G.I.S.

How to access the services

Per la consultazione e l’elaborazione del materiale rivolgersi al tecnico di laboratorio:
arch.Sara Scalia, e-mail: - tel.: 045802 8109


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