PhD in Cultural Heritage and Territory (last activated in 2013)

Course partially running (all years except the first)


This doctorate has the didactic purpose of giving the students the theoretical and practical knowledge that is necessary to the scientific side of a research, with particular attention to the results that are obtained in the chosen field of investigation and to the mastery of the problems connected to the scientific work. That is why it aims at developing the student’s ability at recognising and processing the sources of investigation that are available. Therefore, candidates are encouraged to use the computer, both in the phase of acquisition and elaboration of the data (by means of GIS maps, charts and tables, that are proper, for example, to the branches of Geography and Archaeology) and in the phase of the studying itself, in particular for students of the Historical-Artistic area, who need to visit the web sites of Cultural Institutions and Auction Houses. The periodical seminars with tutors, board and Ph.D. teachers, external lecturers (not only Italian) and colleagues will lead the students to the improvement of their methodological perspectives and to the optimization of their results; the students will thus get used to interdisciplinary exchange, as in the doctorate there are historical, artistic, geographical, economical, chemical-physical and juridical topics (some themes of economical and chemical interests have been included because they are helpful to the dealing of the Artistic Heritage). In the seminars, proper audio-visual material (such as slides, tracings, PowerPoint presentations) will be used in order to let the students get acquainted with the techniques of the scientific research, that are essential in the organization and the spreading of the results, even though not yet complete.

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3 years
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Teaching staff council for the post graduate research doctorate in Cultural Assets and the Area
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