Advanced/Professional development course in Digital documents and tools for managing and saving them

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Many companies, businesses, freelancers and public authorities need to manage digital documents. They need to understand the mechanisms and laws that govern new processes. The information technology applied to documents must be preceded and accompanied by the creation or implementation of an integrated system. Priority must be given to issues regarding electronic files (from certified emails and digital signatures to electronic document delivery and e-invoicing) to maintain the evidential value of the documents and their own digital archives.

Course details

Degree type
Advanced postgraduate course
0 years
Supervisory body
Comitato Scientifico del Corso di Perfezionamento e di Aggiornamento professionale in I documenti digitali e gli strumenti per gestirli e conservarli
Main Department
Cultures and Civilizations
Macro area
Subject area
Literature, Arts and Communication Studies