Interuniversity PhD in Art History


In conjunction with Ca' Foscari University and IUAV University of Venice.


Prof. Giuseppe Barbieri ( - Ca' Foscari University, Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage

Educational objectives

This PhD programme intends to provide a suitable academic and professional qualification within the European context in the field of art history in all its forms, with special attention to developing artistic heritage – cultural, local and environmental.
It aims to train researchers to be competitive in the modern world of art, in which there are no longer traditional differences between major and minor art, and signs of visual art and architecture are inextricably linked to performing arts, music, modern media and museological theories and practices.

Research themes
  • History and analysis of architecture and its urban context, focusing on economic, constructive and configurational events, as well as intended use;
  • Tthe system of arts, collections, exhibitions and museology in ancient, medieval and contemporary times;
  • Cultural and environmental historical heritage – documentary, iconographic and multimedia aspects, analysis of materials and artifacts;
  • History and analysis of artefacts relating to music, theatre and filmi;
  • Multimedia for developing the artistic heritage of a land;
  • Contemporary opera nad performing arts and how practices, exhibitions and use of these have changed.
Professional profile

PhD graduates have an appreciable profile for an academic career (or for teaching in secondary schools), as well as for working in professional sectors related to university research and teaching, such as being a researcher or public servant in archives, libraries, museums, private research institutes, cultural foundations or institutions, national or international organisations, private companies or businesses, etc.
They are able to work in highly interdisciplinary professional contexts, having flexibility and skills related to cultural sensitivity and planning.

Course details

Degree type
Joint university PhD programmes
3 years
Supervisory body
Collegio dei Docenti del Dottorato Interateneo in Storia delle Arti
Main Department
Cultures and Civilizations
Macro area
Subject area
Literature, Arts and Communication Studies