Ph. D. programme in Archaeology, Art History and History

Dottorato in Scienze Archeologiche, Storico-artistiche e Storiche


The PhD programme aims at training scholars and high-profile researchers in the areas related to the study and conservation of the archaeological, historical and artistic heritage, and the study of the history of the ancient world and society from the Middle Ages to contemporary history.
In this framework, the PhD aims to develop the scholar’s knowledge and scientific research skills in a strong interdisciplinary dimension, focusing on archaeological, historical, artistic, cultural and local heritage contexts, while promoting an approach that combines in-depth subject specialism with interdisciplinary breadth. This PhD programme is also intended to prepare students to make the most of cutting-edge research methodologies at an international level.
The training activity will be aimed at developing the scholar’s ability to apply or experiment different methodologies, and to fully master the investigative tools with a particular attention to the opportunities for collaboration and interdisciplinary research offered by the other PhD programmes available at the School. Thanks to the nature of the programme itself, structured into curricula, this aspect is balanced with the respect of the disciplinary specificities in the critical approach to the study of material culture, sources, historical-artistic products, historical contexts, and territory.

Specifically, the three curricula are structured as follows:
Archaeology and Ancient History. The curriculum aims to train archaeology and ancient world history graduates in scientific research, achieving the highest level of competence in the field of Cultural Heritage. Particular care will be taken in training students to adopt an interdisciplinary approach that combines historical with archaeological analysis, also considering the role played by historical and archeological factors in shaping the landscape, and using the most up-to-date technologies.

Art and Performing Arts. The curriculum aims to train scholars and professionals in the fields of art history and architecture, history of art criticism and restoration, and performing arts. In line with its interdisciplinary approach, this PhD programme focuses on the specific methodologies for the study of artistic and performing arts, with particular attention to the issues related to their conservation and the opportunities offered by the most up-to-date scientific and digital tools.

Historical, political, social and geographical studies. The curriculum aims to train high-profile researchers in the fields of history and geography. In particular, the aim is to encourage research that, adopting a comparative and transnational approach, investigates the processes of social, political, religious, cultural and territorial transformation of European and non-European societies from the medieval to the contemporary age. In addition, the programme will focus on the various historical research methodologies, and methods for the critical analysis of sources.

Course details

Degree type
3 years
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DOTTORATI - PHD – PhD programmes (university)
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Faculty Board of PhD in Archaeology, Art History and History
Renato Camurri
Segreteria Scuola di Dottorato - Area Scienze Umanistiche
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