Latin Literature A (i) (2005/2006)

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Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of Latin literature in its fundamental issues (literary genres) and in its major works; acquaintance of the basic ability for a linguistic and historical-literary analysis of prose and poetic Latin texts.


History and recurrence of Latin literary genres (translation by M.Fabius Quintilianus, Institutio oratoria, X 1 §§ 85-131); reading and linguistic-historical-literary comment of Cicero’s Brutus (other texts will be provided during the course).

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral test, partly carried out directly on the Latin text.

NOTE: The knowledge of Latin morphology, grammarr and lexicon is expected and evaluated during the test. Those who don’t have preliminary knowledge should attend the Latin Tutor course and/or take the relevant test (getting through involves three F credits) before they begin to attend the courses of L-FIL-LET/04 (Latin literature, Latin grammarr, History of Italian language).