English linguistics (2007/2008)

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Paola Vettorel
Number of ECTS credits allocated
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II semestre dal Feb 18, 2008 al May 31, 2008.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The objective of the course is to introduce students to the CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning methodology and approach, to its core topics and its development in Europe.


During the course we will discuss topics related to the CLIL approach, both from a theoretical and a practical point of view. Aspects concerning the processes implied in learning a foreign language, classroom organization and CLIL lesson planning in different educational contexts will be taken into account.


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Additional Reading:
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Further reading advice will be given during the course.

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam will be in oral form. Possible investigation topics to be carried out at an individual level will be discussed during the course.

Teaching aids