History of architecture and landscape - STORIA DELL'ARCHITETTURA (I) II MODULO (2010/2011)

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Loredana Olivato
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Primo semestre dal Oct 4, 2010 al Jan 22, 2011.

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Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

the course proposes to investigate the history of architecture, giving particular attention to the evolution of constructions in the Veneto, most of all during renaissance.


Content of the course: during the lessons the most significant works of the Veneto renaissance architecture will be carefully analyzed, from the introduction in Venice of Leon Battista Alberti language by Mauro Codussi, to the urban renewal operated by Michele Sanmicheli and Jacopo Sansovino, to the evolution of the villa architecture conjugated by Andrea Palladio and by his disciples, up to the audacious synthesis offered by Vincenzo Scamozzi both in the lagoon and in the inland.

Texts of reference: notes from lessons. As long as the course goes on, and particularly during the first lessons, students will be given specific suggestions. However, as an anticipation, a fundamental text is: M. TAFURI, L’architettura dell’Umanesimo, Bari, Laterza, 1969 (or following reprints), only the parts relating to the Veneto. The text is no more on sale but can therefore easily be found in libraries.

Teaching methods: two lessons a week lasting two hours each. The arguments discussed at lessons will be illustrated with the use of slides and images.
Students that cannot attend the course are invited to be present at least at the first lessons to receive useful information for the preparation of the examination.

Assessment methods and criteria

written test consisting in two questions.