Multimedia communications theory and methods (m) (2013/2014)

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Tiziana Cavallo
Tiziana Cavallo
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II semestrino B dal Apr 14, 2014 al Jun 7, 2014.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The objective of this course is to provide students with the theoretical and practical tools for creating a transmedia project. We will refer to concepts such as multi-media, cross-media and transmedia to clarify specific features and fundamental differences in order to identify the useful steps to create and implement a complete and original project.
We will use examples and best practices - especially in English - in the field of marketing communication, journalism and public relations.


The course will address the following topics, using in the classroom multimedia, online and digital products, alternating lessons - or part of them - both theoretical and practical, as well as inviting some testimonials from professional field of storytelling in its various meanings.
1. Introduction to the concepts of multimedia, cross-media and transmedia
2. Introduction to storytelling: history, tools and practices between Italy and the rest of the world
2.1 Techniques of storytelling
3. Evolution of storytelling and through new media
4. Transmedia storytelling: definitions and examples
5. The 4 steps of a transmedia project
6. How to communicate a transmedia project
7. Transmedia procucer and connectivity manager: jobs of the future?
8. Testimonials and group work

Assessment methods and criteria

Depending on the composition of the classroom it will be decided whether the examination will consist of group work or individual. The examination will be made ​​in oral form with exposure of project work (design of a transmedia project). It will also be checked for preparation with oral questions on the following texts:
1. Enrico Menduni(2013), "Entertainment", Il Mulino, Bologna.
2. Andrea Fontana (2009), "Handbook of Storytelling", Rizzoli, Milan (some chapters).
3. Andrew Philips (2012), "A creator's guide to transmedia storytelling", McGraw Hill, New York (some chapters, in English).

For those not attending will require the preparation, in addition to project work (agreed with the teacher after meeting no later than May 10, 2014), should be prepared the text of Andrea Fontana in full.

Any other materials (articles, chapter books and other materials) will be shown and suggested in class.