Philosophy and deontology of communication - ETICA E DEONTOLOGIA DELLA COMUNICAZIONE (P) II MODULO (2013/2014)

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Gianluca Solla
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Language of instruction
II semestrino A, II semestrino B

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to develop the ability to understand and critically analyze the main ethical issues in today’s society, involved in the communication expressly or implicitly, in view of a reflection on their consequences and their potential or actual drifts.


Title: A global civil war?

The course intends to submit for discussion the issue of “civil war” and the usefulness of this concept to think about public life and also about the possibility of an ethical responsibility in the contemporary world. To what extent the concept of “civil war” is able to become aware of the tensions, conflicts and transformations both within our society and in the globalized world? To what extent the concept of “civil war” allows a more realistic perception of a world that believes to live in peace, at least since 1945? Furthermore if not the concept, but the rhetoric of the “civil war” is also the result of manipulation and a strategy of the conflict: a rhetoric which imagines a clash between cultures to influence public opinion and force it into the logic of fear (of the other, the stranger, the different, the coexistence of cultures).

1. Nicole Loraux, La città divisa, Neri Pozza, Vicenza 2006, cap. I (L'oblio nella città), cap. IV (Il legame della divisione), cap. VIII (La politica dei fratelli).
2. Roger Caillois, La vertigine della guerra, Casa di marrani, Brescia 2013.
3. Tiqqun, Introduzione alla guerra civile (pdf available on the web).
4. Gianluca Solla, Memoria dei senzanome, ombre corte, Verona 2013.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test with open questions