An Introduction to Publishing Management (2014/2015)

Course code
Fabio Cassia
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff Timetable
Parte 1 6 Semestrino IB Armando Rotondi
Parte 2 6 Semestrino IIA, Semestrino IIB Fabio Cassia

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

Mission of the class in “Publishing Management” is to give an advanced preparation in the field in order to form professionals able to work with different duties in the publishing sector. For this purpose, the course also aims to provide the main models and principles of management.


FIRST PART (prof. Rotondi)
- Publishing houses and companies: typologies, specialized and generalist, draft and hard publishing, e-books, print on demand;
- The different roles in the publishing house;
- The Publishing Director and the choice of the texts;
- The project management in publishing;
- Agreement and copyrights;
- The editor and the different steps in the book publishing;
- Editing;
- Editing, layout, graphic;
- Iconographic research;
- Internal editing within the publishing house and printing process;
- Promotion, marketing, communication;
- Distribution;
- Book and literary agencies;
- Book fairs.

SECOND PART (prof. Cassia)
- Firm and management: some introductory concepts
- From the entrepreneurial idea to its fulfillment: the business plan perspective
- The market and the customers: analyses and decisions
- The competitive advantage
- Some tools to evaluate the economic sustainability of the business idea
- The firms’ growth strategies
- Some relevant decisions about pricing, product, distribution and communication

Assessment methods and criteria

FIRST MODULE (Prof. Rotondi): Oral exam with discussion of a written paper by the student.
SECOND MODULE (Prof. Cassia): Written exam (students who have passed the written exam have also the opportunity to decide to take an oral exam)

Teaching aids
Title Format (Language, Size, Publication date)
Lezione 1  pdfpdf (it, 1833 KB, 26/02/15)
Lezione 2  pdfpdf (it, 941 KB, 27/02/15)
Lezione 3  pdfpdf (it, 914 KB, 05/03/15)
Lezione 4  pdfpdf (it, 734 KB, 06/03/15)
Lezione 5  pdfpdf (it, 1406 KB, 12/03/15)
Lezione 6  pdfpdf (it, 2249 KB, 13/03/15)
Lezione 7  pdfpdf (it, 1450 KB, 20/03/15)
Lezione 8 e seguenti  pdfpdf (it, 3048 KB, 24/03/15)
Lezione n. 10  pdfpdf (it, 1447 KB, 31/03/15)
Lezione n. 10 (caso di discussione)  pdfpdf (it, 314 KB, 01/04/15)
Lezione n. 12 (caso di discussione)  pdfpdf (it, 40 KB, 14/04/15)
Lezione n. 12 e seguenti  pdfpdf (it, 4060 KB, 14/04/15)
Lezioni n. 14-15  pdfpdf (it, 213 KB, 22/04/15)
Lezioni n. 14-15 Conto economico  pdfpdf (it, 12 KB, 22/04/15)
Lezioni n. 14-15 Esercizi di confronto operativo  pdfpdf (it, 24 KB, 22/04/15)
Lezioni n. 14-15 Lettura facoltativa su un esercizio (commentato) di confronto operativo  pdfpdf (it, 106 KB, 24/04/15)
Lezioni n. 17  pdfpdf (it, 2146 KB, 05/05/15)
Lezioni n. 17 - Business Plan Completo  pdfpdf (it, 120 KB, 05/05/15)
Lezioni n. 18  pdfpdf (it, 86 KB, 05/05/15)