Historical cartography (m) (2014/2015)

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Sandra Vantini
Sandra Vantini
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Semestrino IIA, Semestrino IIB

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Learning outcomes

This course aims at presenting an overview of the historical evolution of cartography and the use of cartographic documents as a source of historical landscape analysis and how it relates to political, economic and cultural practices.


Course Contents: This course provides the preliminary concepts on the representation of the Earth's surface and on mapping as a modern research tool in which to position historical data. It also focuses on reading and interpreting antique cartographic documents on different geographical and topographical scales both printed and manuscript, exemplary of the advances and technology of mapping.
Teaching methods: Lectures. Based on student attendance it could to be possible to evaluate the feasibility of scheduling seminars.
Exam: oral and written exam and a possible term paper to be agree upon with professor.


- A. LODOVISI - S. TORRESANI, Cartografia e informazione geografica. Storia e tecniche, Bologna, Patron, 2005.

- La Carta dell’Almagià: Verona e il suo territorio nel Quattrocento (a cura di S. Lodi e G.M. Varanini), Verona, Cierre 2014.

C. PALAGIANO, La cartografia come strumento di conoscenza e di azione p. 20 e L. LAGO, Il contributo della cartografia storica, pp. 21-27, introduttivi a:
Italia. Atlante dei tipi geografici, I.G.M., Firenze, 2004.


E. BORIA, Carte come armi, Nuova Cultura, 2012.

Assessment methods and criteria

oral exam