Language and culture of Ancient Anatolia and the Hittites (2015/2016)

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Federico Giusfredi
Federico Giusfredi
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Semestrino IIB dal Apr 18, 2016 al Jun 4, 2016.

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The Hittite Culture is the most ancient documented Indo-European culture. The course is for the students from the BA courses Lettere and Beni Culturali, and for those from the MA course Tradizione e Interpretazione dei Testi Letterari. It will provide general insight into the history and culture of pre-Greek Anatolia, and a basic knowledge of the language of the Hittites (introductory references will be made to the philology of the Cuneiform writing system). The knowledge that will be acquired is especially relevant for the students interested in the history, the languages and the philologies of the ancient Mediterranean regions.


Syllabus: The course will focus on the main topics that regard the history, the development and the decline of the Hittite culture, through an introduction to the Hittite grammar and through the reading of a few simple texts from the Hittite corpus.

Reference textbooks (history and culture):
- S. De Martino, Gli ittiti. Carocci, 2003, 128 pp.
- M. Liverani, Antico Oriente. Laterza, 1989, solo i capitoli XV, XVII-XVIII, XXII.

Reference textbooks (language):
- Teacher's handout available online on the e-learning platform.
- H.A. Hoffner/H.C. Melchert, A Grammar of the Hittite Language, Eisenbrauns, 2008 (specific parts t.b.d.).

Assessment methods and criteria

oral test