Paleography II - LM (2015/2016)

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Donatella Frioli
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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff Timetable
Parte I 6 I semestre sede Trento Donatella Frioli
Parte II 6 I semestre sede Trento Adriana Paolini

Learning outcomes

Part prof.ssa Frioli: The course aims to study the autograph handwriting of some authors of the medieval latin west

Part prof.ssa Paolini: The aim of the course is to provide knowledge about the changes in the production of manuscript books after the invention of printing. In the mediaeval time, the manuscript books represented the only possibility to spread written texts. After the invention of Gutenberg, the written word began to be used especially for personal interests and functional objectives. This new form of communication had involved people from different cultural backgrounds who produced texts and writing can not be standardized.


Part prof.ssa Frioli
Contents: The autograph evidences of latin writers of the medieval west will be examined, to Analyse palaeographical, orthographic and codicological Features of their manuscripts.

Part prof.ssa Paolini: During the lessons, above all those which will be in the library of Fondazione S. Bernardino, the different types of manuscripts will be observed to analyze the manufacturing technique and their differences and analogies. They will discuss also the different method of description to enhancing this particular kind of matherial, particularly for the protection and the conservation of the manuscript books collection, but also for their sharing with scholars, student and people who have little or no knowledge of them.

Assessment methods and criteria

oral examination