History of Historiography - STORIA DELLA STORIOGRAFIA (2015/2016)

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Gian Paolo Romagnani
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Semestrino IB dal Nov 16, 2015 al Jan 16, 2016.

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The form of the History of historiography aims to explore the problems and methods underlying the work of the historian, introducing the student to some "tricks of the trade". The course also aims to make the student can "read critically" and "understand" a book of history is understood as "the product of the work of the historian." This means not only organically know the content, but rather break it down trying to capture the following elements: a) to what problem the author moved to write; b) what is the search path behind it; c) what kind of culture of part (historical, political, philosophical, ideological, religious); d) what sources have been used and how; e) What methodological approaches were adopted; f) as a contribution to the book again it led to the historical discipline.


The introductory module will be dedicated, as every year, a general outline of the history of Western historiography from antiquity to the present day. The monographic face a picture of the Italian historiography of the twentieth century, between the twenties and the sixties, through fascism, Resistance and war, focusing on the profile of two of the greatest historians of the twentieth century: Federico Chabod and Delio Cantimori.

1.a G. P. Romagnani, Storia degli storici, dispensa autoprodotta.
1.b Tutti i materiali del corso reperibili sulla pagina web del docente.

• Gennaro Sasso, Il guardiano della storiografia: profilo di Federico Chabod, Bologna, il Mulino, 1985; oppure Margherita Angelini, Davide Grippa, Caro Chabod. La storia, la politica, gli affetti (1925-1960), Roma, Carocci, 2015
• Gennaro Sasso, Delio Cantimori: filosofia e storiografia, Pisa, Edizioni della Normale, 2005; oppure Patricia Chiantera-Stutte, Delio Cantimori: un intellettuale del Novecento, Roma, Carocci, 2011

• Margherita Angelini, Fare storia. Culture e pratiche della ricerca in Italia da Gioacchino Volpe a Federico Chabod, Roma, Carocci, 2012; oppure Giuseppe Galasso, Storici italiani del Novecento, Bologna, il Mulino, 2009
• Lettura di almeno un’opera storica di Chabod o di Cantimori con breve relazione analitica.

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