History of Political Institutions II [Sede TN] (2016/2017)

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Anna Gianna Manca
Anna Gianna Manca
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II sem Trento dal Feb 13, 2017 al May 31, 2017.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

Acquisition of basic knowledge of the origins, structure and functioning of modern apical political institutions (Parliament and Government) in the Italian constitutional history of the long nineteenth century.


Title: The Constitutional dualism between parliament and government in the Italian constitutional history in the nineteenth and twentieth century
The period dealt with is that between 1848 and 1948, a period that will be analyzed from the point of view of the political and constitutional history. The time span is the subject of discussion that is the one that goes from the birth of the modern representative system in Piedmont, where in 1861 will be extended to all the newly formed Kingdom of Italy, the entry into force of the first democratic parliamentary constitution of Italian republic. The focus will be the main elements of the political and constitutional system and in particular the relationship between parliament and government in the statutory wording and in political and constitutional reality at the time of the Constitutional Liberal era monarchy and fascism before then.

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam will take place through an oral exam on the text of R. Martucci .
For the students not attending the Assessment will consist of an oral examination on the text of Martucci and one of the reference texts listed below under the Group B.
Reference books
- Martucci, Roberto, Storia costituzionale italiana. Dallo Statuto albertino alla Repubblica (1848-2001), Roma, Carocci, 2002, 309 pp.

Group B:
- P. L. Ballini, Le elezioni nella storia d’Italia dall’Unità al fascismo. Profilo storico-statistico, Bologna, Il Mulino, 1988, dall'inizio sino a p. 227.
- Aquarone, Alberto, L'organizzazione dello Stato totalitario, Einaudi 2003 (1995), dall'inizio sino a p. 311;