Classical Archaeology (2016/2017)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Patrizia Basso
Patrizia Basso
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Academic sector
Language of instruction
Sem. IIA, Sem. IIB

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The course will give a deep specialist knowledge of different kind of ancient human settlement in its material, social and cultural context and in a historical, archaeological and technical perspective, in order to prepare students to scientific research and understanding, both in theoretical models and in the practice of field activities.


Basic knowledge of ancient history and classical archaeology, also with regard to geography, architecture and art.
Course programme
Starting from the presuppositions of pre-protohistoric age, the course will offer an extensive overview of historical settlement in classical antiquity from the origin of the urban civilization in Greco-Roman world to the end of the Roman Empire.
The archaeological, topographical, architectural and historical evidence will be combined to reconstruct the feature and the chronological development of human settlement in its geographical, structural and cultural context, with particular interest in some specific subjects:
- habitation choices and patterns of ancient populations in connection with natural landscape, demography and communication routes;
- structure, placing and distribution of communities in urban and rural environment;
- principles and application of town and regional planning;
- layout of infrastructural territorial systems;
- main architectural typologies and forms of public and domestic buildings and monuments;
- cultural, social and economic components and context of settlements;
- building materials and technologies.
A special attention is given to observation and interpretation of documentary evidence usually offered by archaeological excavations.
Didactic methods
Lectures and seminars.

Reference texts
Lecture notes

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Assessment methods and criteria

Preliminary presentation of a written essay or short paper to be agreed with the professor and then discussed in the examination.
Oral examination on the topics treated during the lessons.
Questions on the issues contained in one or more texts selected by the student, according to personal interest, including those listed below, in the general bibliography.