History of Medieval Art (i+p) - II MODULO PARTE (P) (2016/2017)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Tiziana Franco
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Sem. IIB dal Apr 24, 2017 al Jun 10, 2017.

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Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

Educational Objectives

The subjects are characteristic features of the teaching program of this course, whose objective is to offer specific competence and background in an art history context. In particular, the course aims at an in-depth examination of a subject matter within the more general context of the history of medieval art, providing facts and ideas, and above all offering students the opportunity to learn to analyze the various, complex aspects of the art works discussed in the lessons.
This course presupposes mastery of the knowledge acquired in the introductory course of History of Medieval Art.


The Basilica of San Zeno in Verona

The definitive program and indications on how to find all the study materials will be given at the beginning of the lessons. However, some reference texts are as follows:

F. ZULIANI, Gli affreschi duecenteschi del palazzo abbaziale di San Zeno: un allestimento cerimoniale per Federico II, in La torre e il palazzo abbaziale di San Zeno. Il recupero degli spazi e degli affreschi, Verona 1992, pp. 11-42
- G. VALENZANO, San Zeno tra XII e XIII secolo, in G. Lorenzoni, G. Valenzano, Il duomo di Modena e la basilica di San Zeno, Verona 2000, pp. 133 – 223
- S. MUSETTI, Brioloto de Balneo: una riconsiderazione sui documenti, in “Annuario storico zenoniano”, 2011, pp. 21-41
- E. ANTI, “Ubi eius corpus quiescit humatum”. Per una storia delle spoglie mortali di san Zeno”. Per una storia delle spoglie mortali di san Zeno, in “Annuario storico zenoniano”, 2013, pp. 13-30
- S. MUSETTI, Il rosone della chiesa di San Zeno Maggiore a Verona. Alcune considerazioni, in “Annuario storico zenoniano”, 2013, pp. 31-50
- F. CODEN, Il fregio sommitale del fronte di san Zeno: policromia e polimatericità all’inizio del XIII secolo, in “Annuario storico zenoniano”, 2013, pp. 51-68
- T. FRANCO, Pitture trecentesche attorno al portale di San Zeno e un’immagine inedita di Nicola da Tolentino, in “Annuario storico zenoniano”, 2013, pp. 69-82
- F. CODEN, T. FRANCO, Verona e San Zeno in Verona, Verona 2014, pp. 25 – 42 (con l’aggiunta di alcune schede su singole opere)

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
F. Coden, T. Franco San Zeno in Verona Cierre 2014

Assessment methods and criteria

Due to the Coronavirus emergency and in accordance with the indications given by the University of Verona, during 2020 summer session the examination modality is modified like follows: oral exam with telematic modality.

This will be an oral examination, during which images may be referred to, whose objective is to verify
- degree of independent thought while discussing the subjects dealt with in the textbooks
- capacity to expound clearly and use correct and specific terminology
- capacity to recognize works of art, styles and iconographies
- degree of analytic and systematic reasoning