English linguistics LM with an introduction to Corpus Linguistics (2017/2018)

Course code
Roberta Facchinetti
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
PART I 6 L-LIN/12-LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION - ENGLISH Semester 2 Roberta Facchinetti
PART II 3 L-LIN/12-LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION - ENGLISH Second half of Semester 2 Paola Maria Caleffi
Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Richardson, J.E. Analysing Newspapers. An Approach from Critical Discourse Analysis Palgrave Macmillan 2007
Machin, D. and Mayr, A. How to do Critical Discourse Analysis SAGE 2012
Bednarek, M. and Caple, H. The Discourse of News Values. How News Organizations Create Newsworthiness Oxford University Press 2017 978-0-19-065394-1