History and Criticism of the Cinema (i) (2017/2018)

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Alberto Scandola
Alberto Scandola
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Second half of Semester 1 dal Nov 13, 2017 al Jan 20, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

Knowledge of the history of cinema and the method of analysis of the film. The course aims to provide students with the fundamental cornerstones of the history of cinema, which will be re-read in light of the relationship between the evolution of filmic language and the cultural transformations of society. The student will learn the basics of the audiovisual language and must be able to contextualize a particular film in the historical period in which the film was produced, demonstrating not only historical knowledge, but also the ability to process this knowledge in a well-written and argued synthesis . The aim of this course, in conclusion, is to provide the student with the possibility of acquiring the historical, linguistic and theoretical foundations for decoding, interpreting and analyzing not only the mainstream or authorial cinematographic production, but also all audiovisual products of contemporary visual culture.


After a general introduction to the history of cinema, the course - in the second part - will focus on the theme of the actor in contemporary Italian cinema. How do our antidives build their divine image? Is there really a national style of acting based on a mediocre aura? Which are the most interesting interpreters? .. The figures and works of Stefano Accorsi, Filippo Timi, Kim Rossi Stuart, Jasmine Trinca, Valeria Golino etc. will be considered.

*Appunti delle lezioni
*G. Carluccio, L. Malavasi, F. Villa, Il cinema. Percorsi storici e questioni teoriche, Carocci, 2015.
*Giaime Alonge,Il cinema: tecnica e linguaggio. Un'introduzione, Kaplan 2010.
* Andrea Minuz, Pedro Armocida, L'attore nel cinema contemporaneo. Storia, performance, immagine, Marsilio, 2017

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Giulia Carluccio, Luca Malavasi, Federica Villa IL CINEMA. PERCORSI STORICI E QUESTIONI TEORICHE CAROCCI 2015
GIAIME ALONGE Il cinema: tecnica e linguaggio. Un'introduzione KAPLAN 2015
Andre Minuz, Pedro Armocida L'attore nel cinema italiano contemporaneo. Storia, performance, immagine Marsilio 2017

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam: three open questions. The student must demonstrate mastery of the elements of film language, knowledge of the main junctions of film history and the ability to analyze the film texts in the program. YOU AGREE THAT YOU MAY HAVE TO BE TAKEN UP TO 5 MIN BEFORE THE END OF THE TEST, BUT ONE TIME DELIVERED THE TASK WILL NOT BE REFUSED BY THE VOTE.