Renaissance History (i) (2017/2018)

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Alessandro Arcangeli
Alessandro Arcangeli
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Second half of Semester 1 dal Nov 13, 2017 al Jan 20, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

[NB: After two years in which teaching was held in English, for this academic year the lecturer intends to experiment bilingual teaching. For each lecture, the first hour will be held in Italian, the second in English. Interested students are invited to participate in both; alternatively, they may choose to attend one or the other hour of each lesson. The structure and the reading list of the course are designed so that the two parts can be used both independently and together: there will inevitably be a relative overlapping (which may function as revision), but also a thread of autonomous discourse along each of the two halves.]

An introduction to the social and cultural history of the Italian Renaissance, and the most significant critical approaches to it, including an initiation to the direct reading of sources.


As well as proposing a general overview, this year's course will analyse a case study: Savonarola and Renaissance Florence.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Lauro Martines Fire in the City: Savonarola and the Struggle for the Soul of Renaissance Florence (Edizione 1) Oxford University Press 2006 required reading for the English program (any format or edition. also issued by Jonathan Cape as: Scourge and Fire. Savonarola and Renaissance Florence)
John Najemy (ed.) Italy in the Age of the Renaissance: 1300-1550 (The Short Oxford History of Italy) (Edizione 1) Oxford University Press 2010 9780198700401 required reading for the English program
Élisabeth Crouzet-Pavan Rinascimenti italiani. 1380-1500 (Edizione 1) Viella 2012 9788883343483 obbligatorio per il programma italiano
Lauro Martines Savonarola. Moralità e politica nella Firenze nel Quattrocento (Edizione 1) Mondadori 2009 9788804585633 obbligatorio per il programma italiano (in qualsiasi edizione)

Assessment methods and criteria

Written questionnaire on the set texts, followed by an oral interview.