Medieval History (i+p) (2017/2018)

Course code
Gian Maria Varanini
Other available courses
Other available courses
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
I MODULO PARTE (I) 6 M-STO/01-MEDIEVAL HISTORY First half of Semester 2 Gian Maria Varanini
II MODULO PARTE (P) 6 M-STO/01-MEDIEVAL HISTORY Second half of Semester 2 Gian Maria Varanini

Learning outcomes

Overall, the two teachings - introductory and advanced - aim to provide the student with the skills necessary to orient themselves independently in a problem of medieval history. In the introductory course, therefore, the teacher underlines some aspects that will be then deepened and recalled in the progress course. During the advanced course, a direct analysis of medieval sources and documents is foreseen (translated into Italian).


From the analysis of the programs of the two teaching units, described below, it is clear that the theme of the advanced course emerges as the introductory course proceeds.

Assessment methods and criteria

Both parts of the exam are held in oral language. The student must demonstrate the ability to clearly illustrate three topics proposed to him, and he must correctly place each problem or event in space and time. It will also have to demonstrate that it is aware of the historical sources useful for the knowledge of these problems or events. The evaluation is assigned in thirtieths. The exam has similar characteristics for attending and non-attending students.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Andrea Zorzi Le signorie cittadine in Italia (Edizione 1) Bruno Mondadori Campus 2010 9788861592239
Giuseppe Sergi L'idea di medioevo. Fra storia e senso comune (Edizione 2) Donzelli 2005 978-88-7989-936-9
Andrea Zorzi Manuale di Storia medievale (Edizione 1) Utet Università 2016 978-88-6008-408-8