Medieval archeology (i+p) (2017/2018)

Course code
Fabio Saggioro
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
I MODULO PARTE (I) 6 L-ANT/08-CHRISTIAN AND MEDIEVAL ARCHAEOLOGY First half of Semester 1 Fabio Saggioro
II MODULO PARTE (P) 6 L-ANT/08-CHRISTIAN AND MEDIEVAL ARCHAEOLOGY Second half of Semester 1 Fabio Saggioro

Learning outcomes

Provide an overview of Medieval Archaeology

Allowing a critical approach to material sources and to the interpretation, privileging the interdisciplinary.

To provide an economic and social picture of the Middle Ages through trade between the Mediterranean and the North European countries. We want to emphasize the economic and social transformations, observing the movement of goods and people, the paths and the production systems.


The progressive course will be structured in three parts:

1) general picture of the economic system: from Pirenne to McCormick. Scientific Ideas and positions on Trade in Early Middle Ages. Local economic systems: productions between luxury goods, food and landscapes.

2) Examples and Case Studies: The Status of Research.

3) recognize products and materials: study and recognition of archaeological finds of medieval times.

Assessment methods and criteria


Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
A. Augenti Archeologia dell'Italia Medievale Laterza 2016
S. Gelichi (a cura di) Quaranta anni di Archeologia Medievale in Italia. La rivista, i temi, la teoria, i metodi, Firenze 2014, pp. 157-172. All'Insegna del Giglio 2014 Numero Speciale