Laboratory of radio languages (2017/2018)

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Tiziana Cavallo
Tiziana Cavallo
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Language of instruction
Second half of Semester 2 dal Apr 23, 2018 al Jun 9, 2018.

Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

The radio language lab aims to provide the basis for understanding radio as a means of communication and the practical tools for building a format and promoting it on social networks. The workshop will be based on a strong interaction between students and on a practical approach.

The lessons are held by Lorenzo Gentilin, who will shortly be providing an email reference.
The coordinator is Tiziana Cavallo


General program:
1. Introduction to the course and history of the radio
2. Radio elements: What is a format? What are the elements that make it up? What is a palimpsest and a clock?
3. Radio journalism and the interview
4. Radio music: critical analysis of music, creation of radio playlists
5. Communication and promotion
6. Instrumentation and technical management
7. Radio exercises
8. Group work: we build a format
9. Listening and evaluation of group work

Assessment methods and criteria

Texts for the exam:
- Cavallo, T. (2009). Radio Education. Case history of a university radio: the experience of Fuori Aula Network. Bologna: Fausto Lupetti Editore.
- Possible handouts and / or books indicated in class.

Students in groups of three will have to present a paper format and a 10-minute demo of the program. During the meeting the program will be explained and analyzed. At the end a question will be asked about the topics covered during the workshop