Latin literature (m) (2017/2018)

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Licinia Ricottilli
Licinia Ricottilli
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First half of Semester 2 , Second half of Semester 2

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Learning outcomes

The Course propose an approach to the Latin comedy, with special regard to the Hecyra of Terence.
Prerequisites: Advanced knowledge of the Latin Language.

Expected learning outcomes: at the end of course students will be able to
- knew the essential feautures of the Latin Comedy and of Terence's Hecyra;
- develop autonomous ability to translate and analyze Terence's Hecyra;
- develop autonomous ability to reflect on the features of comedy and on the practiced methodologies ;
- improve the following communication skills: to reflect of different communication codes (linguistic, dramaturgic, cultural) in Terence's text.


1. Feautures of Comedy of Terence.

2. Reading of Terence's Hecyra with special regard of linguistic, stylistic, literary, dramaturgic analysis.


1. P. Terenti Afri Comoediae a cura di R. Kauer, W.M. Lindsay, O. Skutsch, Oxford 1965 (o ristampe successive);

2. Terence, Hecyra, ed. by Sander M. Goldberg (Introduction, Text and Commentary), Cambridge 2013.

3. Terenzio, La suocera, introduzione traduz e note di M. Cavalli, Milano, Rizzoli, (BUR), 1989 (o rist success).

4. L. Ricottilli, Il cosiddetto primo prologo della Hecyra di Terenzio, "Dioniso" 6, 2007, pp. 108-125 (scaricabile gratuitamente dal sito Licinia Ricottilli).

5. A. Traina - G. Bernardi Perini, Propedeutica al latino universitario, Bologna, Pàtron, 1998 6. ed. (o ristampe successive), pp. 75-235 (= capitoli III-VI).

Teaching methods:

Lectures, exercises and, where possible, seminar activities.

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consist of an oral interview, partly via readings of texts in the original language, which intend to ascertain the level of achievement of the learning obiectives previously indicated. Namely, the acquisition of autonomous skill to read, understand and translate the Terence's Hecyra;
- the acquisition of knowledge of linguistic, stylistic, literary, dramaturgic analysis with regard to Terence's Hecyra;
- the acquisition of knowledge of Latin Comedy's essential features.

N.B. Non-attending students are requested to contact the teacher in due advance so as to define a specific program.