History of the Latin language (p) (2018/2019)

Course code
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Licinia Ricottilli
Licinia Ricottilli
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Academic sector
Language of instruction
Sem. 2A, Sem. 2B

Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide an approach to the history of Latin language in its evolution’s stages.
Lessons will provide a theoretical frame for the linguistic analysis of chosen samples of Latin texts and for their cultural, historical and literary classification.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the Latin Language.
Expected learning outcomes: at the end of the course students will be able to
- know the essential features of the history of Latin language;
- translate and analyse the texts chosen for the course;
- develop autonomous ability to understand and interpret the texts, with particular regard to their linguistic aspects;
- improve the communicative skill to identify the different codes of linguistic, poetic and gender communication in ancient Rome;
- develop autonomous ability to recognize the linguistic varieties and their use in specific literary genres.


Archaic and Old Latin.
Features of Archaic and Old Latin.

1. Through the reading of first inscriptions and old latin texts features of Archaic and Old Latin will be studied.
Latin Text's Dossier of inscriptions and latin texts will be made available in typing office "30 e oltre".

2. Lessons will provide linguistic, stylistic and cultural commentary of inscriptions and latin texts and develop ability to identify essential feautures of Archaic and Old Latin.

3. Essential features of History of the Latin Language


1. Latin Text's Dossier available in typing office "30 e oltre".

2. Notes of course.

3. F. Stolz – A. Debrunner – W.P. Schmid, Storia della lingua latina, Pàtron, Bologna 19934, capitoli II- VII, pp. 59 - 125;

J. Clackson and J. Horrocks, The Blackwell History of the Latin Language, Malden (Ma)/ Oxford 2007, capitoli V-VII, pp. 130-264.

Teaching methods:
Lectures, exercises and, where possible, seminar activities.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
L. Ricottilli Dispensa di testi latini (fotocopie) presso la copisteria "trenta e oltre"  
F. Stolz, A. Debrunner, W. P: Schmid Storia della lingua latina (Edizione 4) Pàtron 1993

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consist of an oral interview, partly via readings of text in original language, wich intend to ascertain the level of achievement of the learning obiectives previously indicates.

N.B. Non-attending students are requested to contact the teacher in due advance so as to define a specific program.