SFIDE - Europe (2018/2019)

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Gherardo Ugolini
Gherardo Ugolini
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Sem. 2A dal Feb 18, 2019 al Mar 30, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

Transversal project addressed to all the students and PhD students of the University to deepen some themes related to Europe working in small groups and presenting the results in internal workshops.


From the single market to monetary union. What future scenarios? (Referent Riccardo Fiorentini)
Globalization and Sovereignty in Europe (Ref, Emanuele Bracco)
Inequalities and social attitudes towards redistribution in European countries (Referents Francesco Andreoli, Veronica Polin, Claudio Zoli)
The democracy of inequality in the present of the European Union (Referents Laura Calafà, Giuseppe Martinico, Matteo Nicolini)
Pluralism and networks of religious dissent in the European history of the Modern Age (Referents Federico Barbierato, Alessandra Celati)
From Carolingian Europe to Ottonian Europe: twentieth-century instrumentalisations (Referents Marco Stoella, Gianmaria Varanini)
Research, innovation, reflection, inclusion in Europe (Referents Riccardo Pozzo, Marta Capiluppi)
Studying in Europe (Contact person Stefan Rabanus)
Europe: compared health systems (Referents Roberto Leone, , lbino Poli)
Ethical and legal aspects of autonomous robotics in Europe (Contact person Paolo Fiorini)
The welcome from its roots to the present (Alessandra Cordiano, Emanuela Gamberoni, Carlo Pelloso)
Europe and anthropocene: scientific, social, political and philosophical perspectives on climate change (Contact persons
Massimiliano Badino, Gerardo Ienna)
Migration: a global challenge (Contact persons Maria Caterina Baru, Caterina Fratea)
The psychological health of migrants in Europe (Contact persons Corrado Barbui, Marianna Purgato, Giulia Turrini)
The welcome from its roots to the present (Alessandra Cordiano, Emanuela Gamberoni, Carlo Pelloso)

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Barbero, Alessandro Carlo Magno. Un padre dell’Europa Laterza 2000
Peter Burke Cultura popolare nell'Europa moderna (Edizione 1) Mondadori 1980
Prodi, Paolo Homo europaeus il Mulino 2015 978-88-15-25872-4

Assessment methods and criteria

Regular presence at the meetings and written report on a topic among those discussed

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